Signatures of Beauty


I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and studied product development at the University of Cincinnati's School of Design. 

After graduating, a series of synchronicities -  and my innate love for creating with my hands - pulled me back to my Art.

Beauty moves me. It inspires me to generously live and give from my Heart. For me, creative expression is the highest form of communication and connection there is. It's a link to Within. Everything I create is born from this space.

Inspiration guides my process from beginning to end - subject, style, and medium. I enjoy being in discovery.  I find that staying in this open space invites me to experience my work as a way of learning about myself and my unique journey in this life. 

My experiences in holistic health, graphic design, brand development, fashion, and interior design,  have all played a role in my work. It's a joy to witness  and feel the symphony of my whole self in any creative expression, whether it’s creating a commissioned painting, collaborating on a creative project, or bringing fresh energy and decor to a client’s home. My focus is to draw a feeling of connection, beauty, and harmony out of the heart and into the world.

I live in Saint Louis with my husband Trevor and our great dane, Lida, as we turn a 1920s Arts and Crafts bungalow into our dream cottage.